How to Adopt a Greyhound

1. Read the background material on the Adopting a Greyhound Page

2. Download and read our brief handbook.

3. Read about our Greyhounds Available for Adoption on the Petfinder site.

4. Attend one of our “Meet and Greets” listed on the Events Page. You will have the opportunity to meet several Greyhounds ready for adoption, as well as already-adopted Greyhounds and their owners. These events have a casual atmosphere and give you the opportunity to ask questions and receive some “up close” time with the dogs themselves.

5. Complete our Adoption Application and send it to us by fax, email attachment, or mail. Someone will then contact you personally, discuss your desires, and arrange for you to visit with several potential Greyhounds.

6. If you decide to try our “Foster to Adopt” program, you will be able to spend two weeks with the Greyhound of your choice. We will provide you with all the essentials needed to care for him or her at no cost to you; leash, collar, ID tag, dog food, crate, crate blanket and any medications needed. We ask only that you leave a check deposit on the crate of $85. If you decide to keep the crate, we simply cash your check. If you decide you don’t need the crate after 2 weeks, you return the crate to us and we give you your check back. What could be easier!? Our adoption fee of $225 will be due at the point you decide to adopt your Greyhound, generally after 2 weeks of fostering.

There will always be someone available to handle your questions or to discuss any concerns during the fostering period (and after, of course). One of our goals at God’s Greyts is to provide a friendly,  supportive and helpful atmosphere for the people who choose to adopt our Greyhounds.