OUR PICNIC IS BEING MOVED UP A DAY TO SATURDAY JANUARY 27th. Same time 2-5 pm. See details on our “events” page

Greyhounds are among the most gentle dogs on earth. They make great pets and caring for them is quite easy when compared to other breeds.

Greyhounds do have some special needs, so please download our brief handbook and become acquainted with this unique breed.

Many Greyhounds get along with cats and other small animals in a home. Most are laid back with a calm and loving disposition. They shed very little and are quite clean, without the “doggy” smell of most canines.

Greyhounds must be kept as indoor pets and cannot be trusted off leash. But, beware; like potato chips, you’ll want more than one! Come on in and browse our site to meet a fast friend…

1420 Greyhounds, and counting…

Your donation to God’s Greyts is completely tax deductible under our 501c3 designation.

Plan ahead! Join us in NY state in July for this cool event. Click on the “Grapehound Wine Tour” link to the right of this photo in our “Links to related sites”